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A name you can trust, for service, quality and reliability.
Corodine Ltd
01903 851075




Zinc & Clear Passivate                   Anodising Natural                       Phosphate                                       Barrel Zinc

Zinc & Colour Passivate                Anodising Silver                          Phosphate & Black Stain               Barrel Nickel

Zinc & Black Passivate                  Anodising Black                         Alocrom 1000                                  Barrel Copper

Zinc / Iron (with all the above passivates)   Anodising Colours                      Alocrom 1200                                  Chemical Blackening Steel

Zinc Nickel                                    Anodising Semi Hard                  Surtec 650                                       Chemical Blackening S/S

De-embrittlement                          Hard Anodising                           Iridite NCP                                      Passivation S/S

                                                      Electroless Nickel                        Tin Dull                                            C of C's on request

                                                                                                           Tin Bright

Corodine is a very pro-active Company, if there is a finish you require not listed above we will always consider a new installation.  So please do not hesitate to call us if you wish to discuss further.