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A name you can trust, for service, quality and reliability.
Corodine Ltd
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About Us

  • In early 1995 the company looked to operate a quality system, by taking in a independent consultant to advise us.  By

      December of that year we had acquired the ISO 9000 certification.


  • In 1996, aware of the ever pressing enviromental issues, we purchased a large effluent filter press, also updating the existing

      treatment plant and incorporating a new control system.  This enabling us to treat safely and more cost effectively our

      electroplating waste.


  • In 1997 we enlarged the Zinc Plating division, increasing its capacity by some 40%.  This allowed a more efficient through put,

      creating a quicker turnaround of customer orders.


  • In 1998 we introduced a semi-automatic Anodising line enabling us to process more volume items, again decreasing the

      turnaround time and also allowing larger items (opto 2.2 metres x 1 metre) which we were unable to accommodate before

      to be processed.


  • In 2005 we installed a fully automated rack Zinc line capable of handling parts 2 metres x 1 metre.  We can process in

      both Clear and Colour Passivates these are Cr3, therefore conforming to the WEEE & Rohs directives.


  •  In 2008 we installed a fully auto barrel line allowing us to process larger volumes ie. 1.5 to 3 tonnes per day depending on the

      articles being processed.


  • In late 2013 we installed a Semi-Auto Phosphate (Zinc) plant increasing capacity by 60% also allowing us to take on larger parts.


  • In 2014 we have undertaken an expansion of the Zinc and jigging facilities with a new building extension.